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Creative Commons Licence All of these works by Scott McLaughlin are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
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Natura Naturans (solo clarinet [cl] + prepared string orchestra - 15 mins)  

Requested by Tectonics Glasgow Festival and Heather Roche for the Garden of Forking Paths projectscore link symbol   audio link symbol  

The Garden of forking Paths project.  

various pieces for clarinet solo and clarinet duets [cl].


October Nocturns (tape - 09:35 mins)  

Commissioned by the Land Lines project   audio link symbol

The whole is encountered by going further into the parts (prepared contrabass [db] - 20mins+)  

Commissioned by Christopher Williams   score link symbol   video link symbol

a particular constellation of openings and closures (studio improvisation on MS20 synth - 60mins)  

Recording available at Bandcamp  

The Dirac Sea: Folds in Continuous Fields (orchestra - 20mins)  

Commissioned by Tectonics Festival for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra under Ilan Volkov. Performance postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19  


Contingent Harmony (fl, cl, pno, vln, vla, vc - 10mins)  

Commissioned by Explore Ensemble

like skipping stones on water (solo fl - one breath)  

Commissioned by Kathryn Williams' 'Coming Up for Air' project

Der Greise Kopf Ensemble (fl, cl, vn, vc, db, perc, mezzo) + phone playback (6mins)  

Commissioned by Metapraxis Ensemble

TBC — prepared double bass (10mins+)   video link symbol

Commissioned by Christopher Williams. This piece subsequently became 'The whole is encountered by going further into the parts' (see 2020 above), which included substantial rethinking of the structural principles as well as the basic technique. So TBC is really a sketch for that piece, but I leave it here as a document of the performance.


In the unknown there is already a script for transcendence — prepared pno + magnetic resonators (10–20mins)   video link symbol

Commissioned by pianist Zubin Kanga via Arts Council England

Repetitions and variations transform one other — ensemble (3 fl, 2 cl, ten. sax, tpt, corn, euph, perc, pno, gtr, vc) (25mins)

Requested by LSTwo ensemble, Leeds. Follow the composition of the piece at my new blog here  video link symbol

Fragility — 2 cl and tape (15mins)

Performed at Howard Assembly Room, Leeds 14/2/2018


The Careful Plaiting of Weak Ties – string quartet (2 vln, vla, vc) (10mins) audio link symbol  score link symbol  

Written for Manon String Quartet and 840 Concert series. Performed at St James' Church Islington, London, 6/5/2017

Resonant Paths – metal found-objects + live electronics (MAX), variable duration (10mins+) audio link symbol  score link symbol  

Written for Forecast Festival, Berlin, 10/4/2017

Threads of the Social – variable bowed-string ensemble (vln, vla, vc, db), variable duration (10-20mins) audio link symbol  score link symbol  

Written for LSTwo Strings ensemble at University of Leeds, under the direction of Mira Benjamin. Performed at Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, University of Leeds, 29/4/2017

Perisonic 8-chan/stereo Tape (10mins)

Commissioned by Music Current 2017 as a multi-artist work where several composers create Dublin soundscapes with video artist Mihai Cucu, after Dublin artist Robert Parker's 18thC 'Panoramic paintings': see here for more. Performed at Smock Alley, Dublin, 28/4/2017, Bremen 14/1/2018


The Endless Mobility of Listening – vln and live electronics, variable duration (20-60mins)   score link symbol   video link symbol 

developed with violinist Mira Benjamin. See home page for tour details in June/Aug 2016.

Abrash – symphony orchestra ( - 10')   score link symbol   audio link symbol  

Written for the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra as part of Composer Lab

Blues for Horatiu (solo pno - 5')   audio link symbol  score link symbol 

written in memorium Bob Gilmore

Untitled for Bob (mezzo, vla, vln, bass cl, synth - 5mins)   score link symbol  audio link symbol

written in memorium Bob Gilmore for Trio Scordatura (based on Nicola Vicentino)


Palmyra (solo cl - 6')   audio link symbol

co-composed with Mic Spencer, for Heather Roche

wax-on, wax-off – electronic installation (single rotary knob)

requested by Tom Mudd for his Control exhibition, performed in London, Cafe Oto 9/9/2015. The code here is a variation on that written by Dominique Thibault for my 2011 piece bifurcations in a continuous system.

Objects exceed our access to them – LSTwo Ensemble (euph, cl, fl, sax, amplified metal - 13') video link symbol  research link symbol

requested by LSTwo, performed in Leeds 1/5/2015


intra-actions (solo vc – 20’+) score link symbol

requested by Seth Woods, performed in California (Nov 2015)

meshwork for three (bass. cl, ten. sax, microtonal organ)  score link symbol  audio link symbol

requested by Duo Hevans, performed in Amsterdam (4/5/14)

a string vibrates in two directions (solo gtr– 5’) score link symbol 

requested by Diego Castro Magas, performed in Huddersfield and Brunel


surfaces of emergence (3+ electric gtr – 40’)  score link symbol  audio link symbol  video link symbol 

written for spatialised installation/performance at HCMF 2013. Guitar trio version available on the CD there are neither wholes nor parts on Ergodos Records.

histories have been replaced by maps (fl, ob, ob, cl, sax, tpt, vln, vla, vc, perc, el. gtr – 9’)

performed by LSTwo as part of Leeds Contemporary Music Festival 2013

a point on many lines (solo bass cl – 7’) score link symbol 

requested by Henri Bok, performed in Dusseldorf and Catalonia, 2013.


a metastable harmony (vln, vln, vla, vc – 15’) score link symbol  audio link symbol

requested by Bozzini Quartet for Composers’ Kitchen and HCMF. Available on the CD there are neither wholes nor parts on Ergodos Records.

Resonant Systems – (perc/cymbals and live electronics, installation)  score link symbol  audio link symbol  research link symbol

Snowflake (voice and live electronics – 12’) score link symbol  audio link symbol 

requested by Peyee Chen.

Phon 1 & 2 (voice [at least four] - 5'+) score link symbol 


there are neither wholes nor parts 3 (bass bl and tenor sax – 12’) score link symbol  audio link symbol

requested by Duo Hevans

Bifurcations in Continuous Systems (midi kbd and live electronics – 13’) score link symbol  video link symbol 

requested by Sebastian Berweck

there are neither wholes nor parts 2 (solo cl OR sax – 7’+)

requested by Jonathan Sage for clarinet or bassett horn. Available on the CD there are neither wholes nor parts on Ergodos Records.

action at a distance (vox and live electronics [8ch] – 8’)

requested by Peyee Chen for GemDays festival

At least two things (mezzo, vla, synth, live electronics – 6’)

requested by Trio Scordatura. Available on the CD there are neither wholes nor parts on Ergodos Records.


there are neither wholes nor parts (solo cl OR sax – 7’+) score link symbol 

For Iain Harrison, requested by November Music, s-Hertogenbosch, Holland. Available on the CD there are neither wholes nor parts on Ergodos Records.

a text without shadow (he wished for) (sop, pno, vln, vc – 6’)

We do the same things, but I’m always different (sax x 2, live electronics – 40’)

For Iain Harrison and Markus Wenninger, requested by Process Festival, Berlin.

Vertices II (Gamelan Ensemble, cl – 10’) score link symbol  audio link symbol

re-composition of Vertices (2009), for Leeds Gamelan Ensemble & Jonathan Sage.

Music in Two Dimensions no.6 (small ensemble – 10’)

Music in Two Dimensions no.5 (3 players and live electronics – 10’)

Shoals (10+ participants with laptops/smartphones/etc.)


Music in Two Dimensions no.4 (pno, cl – 8’)

For Wake Up.

Music in Two Dimensions no.3 (8th tone tpt , 96 tone conic bellophone – 11’)

requested by Duo Contour.

Music in Two Dimensions no.2 (Organ, bsn – 7’)

requested by FOCAM Ensemble.

Music in Two Dimensions no.1 (vln, vla, vc, pno – 6’)

requested by Metapraxis Ensemble.

Shadows (24-channel electronic installation)

MiniWofS 09, University of Huddersfield

Vertices (Gamelan Trio, cl – 8’)

requested by Gong Agenda and Jonathan Sage.

Clockwise Counter-Clockwise (toy pno – 30”)

For Xenia Pestova. on her birthday

Venn Feynmann Gestalt (8th Tone Trumpet, ¼ Tone Trumpet, 8th Tone Horn – 6’)

requested by Mikroblech. Performed at UK Microfest III, UK. 07/03/09


Lorenz (Sax, strings, vibraphone – 10’+)

requested by ICC Ensemble. Performed in Dublin and Galway, 04-05/09/08

The Well-Tempered Prism (Cl, Pno – 5’)

requested by 'Wake Up' (Kate Ledger/Heather Roche). Performed in York Late Music Festival 2008.

Marx (Viola d'Amore, Mezzo, Synth – 15’)

requested by Trio Scordatura. Performed at UK Microfest III (07/03/09); Transit Festival 2008, Leuven; Amsterdam, Muziekcentrum de Badcuyp (16/12/2008)


Intra (vln + prepared classical gtr – 12’)

requested by ICC for Ioana Petcu-Colan and David Flynn. Performed in Cluj, Romania (17/03/09); Dublin TCD chapel (01/12/07)

Torsion (8th-tone tpt – 4’)

requested by Stephen Altoft. Performed in Huddersfield, Manchester, York (02-07/11/07)

Nano (solo fl OR cl OR ob OR bsn OR sax– 12’+)

Performed by Heather Roche (clar.), Huddersfield (26/07/08); Nano2 (version including live electronics) performed by Iain Harrison, Gemdays Festival, Huddersfield (31/01/09).

Bifurcations (cl x 4 – 8’)

Performed by Dunleavy Clarinet Quartet, HCMF Shorts 2007, Huddersfield (22/11/07); SOMP Day, Huddersfield, (12/06/07)

For Garrett Sholdice (ob, vln, pno – 6’)

Performed by Black Cat Trio, SOMP Day, Huddersfield (12/06/07)

Whitewater (solo cl OR sax, + Max/MSP – 12’+)

requested by Iain Harrison. Performed by Eric Honour (saxophone), University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (16/04/09); Kansas city (06/04/09); Franklin Pierce University NH (28/03/09); Brooklyn NY (26/03/09); Huddersfield (20/03/09); Perugia, Italy (19/03/09); Lucca, Italy (17/03/09); Vienna, Austria (14/03/09); Thessalonica, Greece (09/03/09); Heather Roche (clarinet) Bangor New Music Festival, Wales (28/02/08); Iain Harrison (saxophone), RMA Student Conf., University of Surrey (05/01/08); ECAL Conference, Lisbon (12/10/07); SOMP Day, Huddersfield (12/06/07); York Spring Festival (02/05/07); RNCM Manchester (29/03/07); Whitewater x 3 (30min installation for three moving players and 32 speaker array) performed by Iain Harrison, Heather Roche, Ann Evans at WofS, Uni. of Huddersfield, 16/06/08


Five Bells for Elliott Carter (vln, vln, vla, vc – 8’)

Performed by Sonar String Quartet, Ostrava Days Festival, Ostrava, Czech Rep. (29/08/07); FOCAM ensemble, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds (29/11/06)

Distemper (any instrument of fixed pitch + Max/MSP – 12’)

Performed by Cliona Doris (hrp), Printing House, Dublin, 16/11/06

Dunes (Bass Cl, Vc, Pno, Perc – 14’)

requested by SPELK. Performed at SOMP Day, Huddersfield (07/06/06)

Inner Shadow (Bass Cl, Vln, Vc, Acc – 5’)

requested by Concorde for the Samuel Beckett Centenery. Performed in Galway (29/07/06); Dublin (23/04/06)

Primes (Vln + Max/MSP – 15’)

requested by Amy Whitwam. Performed in Huddersfield (07/02/06)

The Lady with the Hammer (2 Tbn, 2 Euph, 2 Tba, 2 pno – 12’)

Performed by the New Music Ensemble of Huddersfield University (27/02/06)


Tracheids (Fl, Cl, Bass Gtr – 4’)

Workshopped at RMA Student Conference, Leeds, Jan. ‘06

If my Complaintes could Passiones Move (Sop Sax, Rec, Vln, Vla, Bass Viol, db – 4’)

John Dowland arrangement performed by SOMP ensemble, Huddersfield (09/03/06, 11/12/05)

Coffey 1 – 3 (Tape, 2 soprano – 8’)


Prisma (Vln, Pno – 10’)


Moraine II (2 db – 8’)

Performed by Simon Anderson and Chris Addington, Huddersfield (07/02/06)

Mitochondria IIa (Fl, Cl, Vc, Pno, Perc – 5’)

Performed by Firebird, Huddersfield (26/04/05)

Mitochondria II (Cl, Vc, Pno – 4’)

Performed by YCC Ensemble in the Goethe Institute, Dublin (21/05/05)

M Grisey, his Galliard (6 Vln, 2 Vla, 2 Vc, db – 9’) score link symbol audio link symbol

Workshopped by Ostravska Banda, Ostrava Days, Czech Rep. (21/08/07); Performed by The Goldberg Ensemble, Huddersfield (15/02/05)


Penumbra (Open scoring, min. 8 players – 8’)

Written for COMA Yorkshire. Performed by Luxembourg Sinfonietta, ISCM World Music Days, Hong Kong (28/11/07); COMA Yorkshire, Huddersfield (12/06/05)

After-images (Fl, Cl, Vla, Vc – 6’)

Workshopped by MusiKFabrik at Sligo New Music Festival, Ireland (28/03/04)


The Veil Nebula (pno solo) score link symbol audio link symbol

A very old piece that isn't really representative any more, but I have a soft spot for it. It was played (wonderfully!) several times by Simon Mawhinney when it was originally written, but never recorded. I include it here because Kate Ledger kindly recorded a version of it in 2011