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Creative Commons Licence All of these works by Scott Mc Laughlin are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Published here at www.lutins.co.uk/works.html.

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The Careful Plaiting of Weak Ties – string quartet (2 vln, vla, vc) (10mins)    

Written for Manon String Quartet and 840 Concert series. Performed at St James' Church Islington, London, 6/5/2017

Threads of the Social – variable bowed-string ensemble (vln, vla, vc, db), variable duration (10-20mins)   (video starts 1:04:40) 

Written for LSTwo Strings ensemble at University of Leeds, under the direction of Mira Benjamin. Performed at Clothworkers Centenary Concert Hall, University of Leeds, 29/4/2017

Perisonics 8-chan/stereo Tape (10mins)

Commissioned by Music Current 2017 as a multi-artist work where several composers create Dublin soundscapes with video artist Mihai Cucu, after Dublin artist Robert Parker's 18thC 'Panoramic paintings'. Performed at Smock Alley, Dublin, 28/4/2017


The Endless Mobility of Listening – vln and live electronics, variable duration (20-60mins)      

developed with violinist Mira Benjamin. See home page for tour details in June/Aug 2016.

Abrash – sympony orchestra ( - 10')      

Written for the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra as part of Composer Lab

Blues for Horatiu (solo pno - 5')      

written in memorium Bob Gilmore

Untitled for Bob (mezzo, vla, vln, bass cl, synth - 5mins)    

written in memorium Bob Gilmore for Trio Scordatura (based on Nicola Vicentino)


Palmyra (solo cl - 6')  

co-composed with Mic Spencer, for Heather Roche

wax-on, wax-off – electronic installation (single rotary knob)

requested by Tom Mudd for his Control exhibition, performed in London, Cafe Oto 9/9/2015. The code here is a variation on that written by Dominique Thibault for my 2011 piece bifurcations in a continuous system.

Objects exceed our access to them – LSTwo Ensemble (euph, cl, fl, sax, amplified metal - 13')  

requested by LSTwo, performed in Leeds 1/5/2015


intra-actions (solo vc – 20’+)

requested by Seth Woods, performed in California (Nov 2015)

meshwork for three (bass. cl, ten. sax, microtonal organ)   

requested by Duo Hevans, performed in Amsterdam (4/5/14)

a string vibrates in two directions (solo gtr– 5’)  

requested by Diego Castro Magas, performed in Huddersfield and Brunel


surfaces of emergence (3+ electric gtr – 40’)       

written for spatialised installation/performance at HCMF 2013

histories have been replaced by maps (fl, ob, ob, cl, sax, tpt, vln, vla, vc, perc, el. gtr – 9’)

performed by LSTwo as part of Leeds Contemporary Music Festival 2013

a point on many lines (solo bass cl – 7’)  

requested by Henri Bok, performed in Dusseldorf and Catalonia, 2013.


a metastable harmony (vln, vln, vla, vc – 15’)  

requested by Bozzini Quartet for Composers’ Kitchen and HCMF. Availble on the CD there are neither wholes nor parts on Ergodos Records.

Resonant Systems – (perc/cymbals and live electronics, installation)     

Snowflake (voice and live electronics – 12’)    

requested by Peyee Chen.

Phon 1 & 2 (voice [at least four] - 5'+)  


there are neither wholes nor parts 3 (bass bl and tenor sax – 12’)  

requested by Duo Hevans

Bifurcations in Continuous Systems (midi kbd and live electronics – 13’)    

requested by Sebastian Berweck

there are neither wholes nor parts 2 (solo cl OR sax – 7’+)

requested by Iain Harrison for NovemberMusic Festival (Holland)

action at a distance (vox and live electronics [8ch] – 8’)

requested by Peyee Chen for GemDays festival

At least two things (mezzo, vla, synth, live electronics – 6’)

requested by Trio Scordatura


there are neither wholes nor parts (solo cl OR sax – 7’+)  

For Iain Harrison, requested by November Music, s-Hertogenbosch, Holland.

a text without shadow (he wished for) (sop, pno, vln, vc – 6’)

We do the same things, but I’m always different (sax x 2, live electronics – 40’)

For Iain Harrison and Markus Wenninger, requested by Process Festival, Berlin.

Music in Two Dimensions no.6 (small ensemble – 10’)

Music in Two Dimensions no.5 (3 players and live electronics – 10’)

Shoals (10+ participants with laptops/smartphones/etc.)


Music in Two Dimensions no.4 (pno, cl – 8’)

For Wake Up.

Music in Two Dimensions no.3 (8th tone tpt , 96 tone conic bellophone – 11’)

requested by Duo Contour.

Music in Two Dimensions no.2 (Organ, bsn – 7’)

requested by FOCAM Ensemble.

Music in Two Dimensions no.1 (vln, vla, vc, pno – 6’)

requested by Metapraxis Ensemble.

Shadows (24-channel electronic installation)

MiniWofS 09, University of Huddersfield

Vertices (Gamelan Trio, cl – 8’)

requested by Gong Agenda and Jonathan Sage.

Clockwise Counter-Clockwise (toy pno – 30”)

For Xenia Pestova. on her birthday

Venn Feynmann Gestalt (8th Tone Trumpet, ¼ Tone Trumpet, 8th Tone Horn – 6’)

requested by Mikroblech. Performed at UK Microfest III, UK. 07/03/09


Lorenz (Sax, strings, vibraphone – 10’+)

requested by ICC Ensemble. Performed in Dublin and Galway, 04-05/09/08

The Well-Tempered Prism (Cl, Pno – 5’)

requested by 'Wake Up' (Kate Ledger/Heather Roche). Performed in York Late Music Festival 2008.

Marx (Viola d'Amore, Mezzo, Synth – 15’)

requested by Trio Scordatura. Performed at UK Microfest III (07/03/09); Transit Festival 2008, Leuven; Amsterdam, Muziekcentrum de Badcuyp (16/12/2008)


Intra (vln + prepared classical gtr – 12’)

requested by ICC for Ioana Petcu-Colan and David Flynn. Performed in Cluj, Romania (17/03/09); Dublin TCD chapel (01/12/07)

Torsion (8th-tone tpt – 4’)

requested by Stephen Altoft. Performed in Huddersfield, Manchester, York (02-07/11/07)

Nano (solo fl OR cl OR ob OR bsn OR sax– 12’+)

Performed by Heather Roche (clar.), Huddersfield (26/07/08); Nano2 (version including live electronics) performed by Iain Harrison, Gemdays Festival, Huddersfield (31/01/09).

Bifurcations (cl x 4 – 8’)

Performed by Dunleavy Clarinet Quartet, HCMF Shorts 2007, Huddersfield (22/11/07); SOMP Day, Huddersfield, (12/06/07)

For Garrett Sholdice (ob, vln, pno – 6’)

Performed by Black Cat Trio, SOMP Day, Huddersfield (12/06/07)

Whitewater (solo cl OR sax, + Max/MSP – 12’+)

requested by Iain Harrison. Performed by Eric Honour (saxophone), University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (16/04/09); Kansas city (06/04/09); Franklin Pierce University NH (28/03/09); Brooklyn NY (26/03/09); Huddersfield (20/03/09); Perugia, Italy (19/03/09); Lucca, Italy (17/03/09); Vienna, Austria (14/03/09); Thessalonica, Greece (09/03/09); Heather Roche (clarinet) Bangor New Music Festival, Wales (28/02/08); Iain Harrison (saxophone), RMA Student Conf., University of Surrey (05/01/08); ECAL Conference, Lisbon (12/10/07); SOMP Day, Huddersfield (12/06/07); York Spring Festival (02/05/07); RNCM Manchester (29/03/07); Whitewater x 3 (30min installation for three moving players and 32 speaker array) performed by Iain Harrison, Heather Roche, Ann Evans at WofS, Uni. of Huddersfield, 16/06/08


Five Bells for Elliott Carter (vln, vln, vla, vc – 8’)

Performed by Sonar String Quartet, Ostrava Days Festival, Ostrava, Czech Rep. (29/08/07); FOCAM ensemble, Holy Trinity Church, Leeds (29/11/06)

Distemper (any instrument of fixed pitch + Max/MSP – 12’)

Performed by Cliona Doris (hrp), Printing House, Dublin, 16/11/06

Dunes (Bass Cl, Vc, Pno, Perc – 14’)

requested by SPELK. Performed at SOMP Day, Huddersfield (07/06/06)

Inner Shadow (Bass Cl, Vln, Vc, Acc – 5’)

requested by Concorde for the Samuel Beckett Centenery. Performed in Galway (29/07/06); Dublin (23/04/06)

Primes (Vln + Max/MSP – 15’)

requested by Amy Whitwam. Performed in Huddersfield (07/02/06)

The Lady with the Hammer (2 Tbn, 2 Euph, 2 Tba, 2 pno – 12’)

Performed by the New Music Ensemble of Huddersfield University (27/02/06)


Tracheids (Fl, Cl, Bass Gtr – 4’)

Workshopped at RMA Student Conference, Leeds, Jan. ‘06

If my Complaintes could Passiones Move (Sop Sax, Rec, Vln, Vla, Bass Viol, db – 4’)

John Dowland arrangement performed by SOMP ensemble, Huddersfield (09/03/06, 11/12/05)

Coffey 1 – 3 (Tape, 2 soprano – 8’)


Prisma (Vln, Pno – 10’)


Moraine II (2 db – 8’)

Performed by Simon Anderson and Chris Addington, Huddersfield (07/02/06)

Mitochondria IIa (Fl, Cl, Vc, Pno, Perc – 5’)

Performed by Firebird, Huddersfield (26/04/05)

Mitochondria II (Cl, Vc, Pno – 4’)

Performed by YCC Ensemble in the Goethe Institute, Dublin (21/05/05)

M Grisey, his Galliard (6 Vln, 2 Vla, 2 Vc, db – 9’)

Workshopped by Ostravska Banda, Ostrava Days, Czech Rep. (21/08/07); Performed by The Goldberg Ensemble, Huddersfield (15/02/05)


Penumbra (Open scoring, min. 8 players – 8’)

Written for COMA Yorkshire. Performed by Luxembourg Sinfonietta, ISCM World Music Days, Hong Kong (28/11/07); COMA Yorkshire, Huddersfield (12/06/05)

After-images (Fl, Cl, Vla, Vc – 6’)

Workshopped by MusiKFabrik at Sligo New Music Festival, Ireland (28/03/04)


The Veil Nebula (pno solo)

A very old piece that isn't really representative any more, but I have a soft spot for it. It was played (wonderfully!) several times by Simon Mawhinney when it was originally written, but never recorded. I include it here because Kate Ledger kindly recorded a version of it in 2011